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    Amblo - awwnn ft mystiques, sardonyx, fanta buoi meme, deecoy (prod. Vampire beatz)

    Amblo - awwn ft mystiques, sardonyx, fanta buoi meme, deecoy (prod. Vampire beatz)

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    After a successful year, dropping hit songs like "SHINGBAIN" , "BENZ" , "REAPSAW" , "REALER MOGUL", get all these songs by clicking the red highlight , jos based artist, Amblo turns up with this squad jam, titled Awwnn, featuring Mystiques, Deecoy, sardonyx, and fanta buoi meme, the hit was produced by Vampire beatz, sound engineered by willzbeatz, this is sure to be a trend, as the artist under the label, Your real Daddy, comes hard as well as the other artists, download awwn by amblo ft mystiques, sardonyx, deecoy, fanta buoi meme and drop comments


    Quotable lyrics
     Ah got galz in atlanta
    Yo, galz in atlanta got big buddy (big budd)
    Ah got yung6ix, mpi, owi jay, LK kuddy (ye kud)

    So ah got 9 Os
    Wrote de exam buh ah got 9 0s
    Fell in da gutter  like woohooo
    Drake come thuu be like ovoooo

    Lil mama she gon solve it, solve
    Way u toss up , lemme grab it, grab
    Way da ma price gett'in high and
    Before ah forget you, lil mam comman gerrit

     Awwnnn awnnnnn
    Tell me when next u wan come ouuhn ouhn
    And you know me i wan ouuhn ouhn
    When we stay all night louung loungg

    way wey de gurl get big ass, i just know say, her blood group go be O+ (ohhh plus)

    She aint really flat like the sicklers, gurl got flesh, unlike all this SS (es es)

    And i for like to de pair ohh, ya nuh say , my blood group be da AS (ae es)

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